A leaf out of Mia St John’s narrative advice

By WBCBoxing.com

Women’s Boxing Pioneer and former WBC female super welterweight champion Mia St John says the sport could greatly benefit from more two way narratives, building and boosting the virtues of both champion and challenger.

Mia is attending the WBC Asian Summit and WBC third Women’s Convention in Manila, which she describes as a lot of fun, but also very important for the Sport.

Mia also reflects: “you can hype one girl up , but the opponent she’s going fight there’s  often no story line.  So the fans are less interested unless the know both people.

With punchline advice, Mia advises:  “For example with Oscar De La Hoya,  if his opponent wasn’t well known, he’d build them up them up and make sure the World knew them. I remember when he was with Bob Arum, they’d spend  time talking about this. Getting the word out.

“The problem today is that I just don’t know how they’re going to get that many people interested.

“I think  in our day we were making way more money than the girls today, al lot of whom  are without endorsements. We’d were much stronger with that, back then in the nineties than they are today.”

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