May 25, 2020

ACBJJ 10 full results: Paulo Miyao & Joao Rocha take titles

Paulo Miyao defends the featherweight belt, and Joao Rocha wins the heavyweight title.

Joao Rocha defeated Luiz Panza to take the ACBJJ heavyweight title

Four weekends into the New Year and there’s already been a wealth of grappling action to get everyone excited for 2018. Absolute Championship Berkut set the tone with ACB JJ 10 on Friday; an event featuring a number of super fights with some of the most talented competitors in the sport today. At the end of the day new champions were crowned and great matches occurred across multiple weight classes.

The top of the card featured two title bouts. Luiz Panza and Joao Rocha battled for the heavyweight title while Paulo Miyao defended his featherweight title against Augusto Mendes. The card didn’t stop there as Leandro Lo, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Lucas Lepri, Yuri Simoes and others brought their talent to the center stage.

Miyao and Mendes but on a compelling bout in the gi, but it was Miyao’s proficiency that limited the abilities of the UFC veteran. Mendes attempted takedowns in each round but Miyao’s quick pulls and active guard kept him out of advantageous positions.

Miyao won the first three rounds by the score of 2-0. The fourth round was much more competitive as Mendes scored a takedown and swept Miyao. However, Miyao scored a sweep of his own and also took Mendes’s back to win the round 8-4. Mendes scored another takedown early in the fifth round but could not do enough to keep Miyao from defending his featherweight title.

The main event brought out the heavyweights, as Rocha and Panza competed for the belt. Both men were aggressive from the start but Rocha hit a big shoulder throw to score the first points in the contest. Panza started each round after pulling guard and was aggressive from the bottom, attacking Rocha’s legs and arms, but he was unable to secure an actual finish.

Rocha controlled nearly all of the fight on top, even though Panza found a way to frequently move to 50/50 guard. He would do more than enough to take the victory and snatch the heavyweight title away from Panza.

ACBJJ 10 is available for viewing on the organization’s official YouTube page.

ACBJJ 10 Full Results

Joao Gabriel Rocha defeated Luiz Panza via decisions

Paulo Miyao defeated Augusto Mendes via decision

Marcus Almeida defeated Mahamed Aly via decision

Leandro Lo defeated Otavio Sousa via decision

Lucas Lepri defeated Marcio Andre via submission

Adam Wardzinski defeated Erberth Santos via decision

Patrick Gaudio defeated Claudio Calasans via decision

Romulo Barral defeated Arnaldo Maidana via submission

Yuri Simoes defeated Abdurakhman Bilarov via decision

Rudson Mateus defeated Braulio Estima via decision

Gabriel Lucas defeated Ricardo Evangelista via decision

Luan Carvalho defeated Marcelo Mafra via decision

Igor Silva defeated Rodrigo Cavaca via submission

Thiago Sa defeated Josh Hinger via decision

Osvaldo Moizinho defeated Nicollas Welker via submission

Mikey Musumeci defeated Rafael Barata via submission