Alvarado and Koneshi Successful in IBF’s 2nd Weigh-in

By Carlos Costa

IBF 108 World Champion 🇳🇮 Felix Alvarado and Challenger 🇯🇵 Reiya Konishi were successful and in good physical condition during the second weigh-in regulated by the IBF, in which the two warriors had to weigh less than 118 pounds. 🥊🥊

Both men, looked confident, strong and in high spirits with the Nicaraguan re-hydrating to 115 pounds, while the Japanese challenger inflating up to 117 lbs. Yesterday, they were slightly less than 108 pounds.

Good fight today Sunday, May 19, in Kobe, Japan.

May the Best Man Win.

Photos courtesy of WRAM Boxing


The author Carlos Costa is a Panama boxing reporter living in the Philippines. Carlos can be reached at and by whatsapp/viber/wechat: +639184538152.


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