Badou Jack’s Ripper Nutrition expands to the Asian market


The growing nutrition line of world champion Badou Jack, “Ripper Nutrition”, announces a contract in Asia with ERS Ventures (HK) Ltd,  for his line of pre-training Premium OXY RIPPER and post-training supplements AMINO RIPPER.

Badou Jack, one of the  Mayweather Promotions’ most successful fighters, continues promoting  health and fitness throughout the world via  Ripper Nutrition. He said:

“My team and I are very excited to partner with ERS Ventures and introduce Ripper Nutrition in the Asian market. We are proud to offer the most advanced and cleanest supplements ever made. Taking the Ripper Nutrition brand worldwide is something we wanted to do.  From the first day, I strived as an international ambassador for the sport of boxing through my projects outside the ring. This agreement is another great step in the right direction.”

“After having launched Ripper Nutrition just a few months ago, this agreement speaks volumes about the progress of our company. The science behind our products and the future of Ripper Nutrition,” said Amer Abdallah, co-founder of Ripper Nutrition, adding:  “We will have more important announcements soon. This  is just the beginning.”


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