October 21, 2020

Beloved Madame Laura Elorde is Now in Heaven

By Carlos Costa

Beloved Madame Laura Elorde, wife of legendary boxing icon Gabriel “Flash” Elorde is now in Heaven, together with her dear husband.

The Philippines received the sad news of her passing away today.

Since a very young age, the dear lady Laura loved boxing, marrying young and restless boxer Gabriel, the amazing man who with her love became an icon, a legend and the greatest super featherweight fighter in history.

Madame Laura’s sons Gabriel Jr. (Bebot), Marty and Johnny have become successful and prolific boxing managers and promoters here in the Philippines, same as her daughters.  

Her daughters-in law Liza and  Arlene are also so much passionately involved in boxing, the whole big family making Elorde a much beloved name.

Madame Laura’s grand children Mig and Bai have been pro boxers, and the Gabriel “Flash” Elorde Boxing Awards, which she made possible, has been for years a starry night in the Filipino boxing calendar.

Her grand son Bai wrote about his feelings today:

“Rest in peace Grandma 😥  Thank you for loving our family.  Please, watch over us and guide us always.  We know you are now in heaven with grandpa.   We will miss you so much grandma.  We love you.”

     *   *   *

I had the extraordinaire honor of meeting Madame Laura for the first time in 2008.    We were introduced by my dear old friend, the late Ronnie Nathanielsz.  I remember that nice moment.    

Her sweetness reminded me of my grand mother Rosa Matilde, another adorable lady who is also in Heaven.

Always kind and lovely, the beautiful angel soul of Laura Elorde lives in Peace and Joy in Heaven… to Eternity, together with her beloved husband. 

God bless the beautiful, inspiring live of Madame Laura Elorde.

Photos courtesy of the Elorde Family

The author Carlos Costa, 59, of Panama is a veteran boxing reporter living in Cebu.   Carlos can be reached at carlos512@hotmail.com and whatsapp 09184538152.