This week involved  the first edition of Beyond Sport Mexico, launching  a series of activities that use sports as a tool in order to bring about  a positive social change, and it was achieved with brilliant success.

Crucial stage one concluded on Friday with a special high powered Conference, bringing together experts from Mexico and the World, who presented a unique vision of how sport can create and foster social change, encouraging education to create new values.

During the week a series of sports community activities were celebrated, with more than 200 young people at  Anahuac University, where different sporting  leagues use sport as a tool to inspire and involve young people in educational and health activities.

Wednesday was a historic day, as great sports heroes from Mexico combined for the first time… at the same time.  In the beautiful Chapultepec Castle, six incredible projects were honored and the winner of the first Beyond Sport Mexico Award was announced.

This event was possible thanks to an initial partnership between the World Boxing Council, Alazraki Sports, the Chamber of Deputies and Beyond Sport, with the intelligent and avowed intention of transforming  ideas into practical and viable reality.

We gratefully and sincerely thank all of those involved for their invaluable time,  extraordinary wisdom, and great dedication, in giving back in order to promote this movement as a great and caring platform to build a better and finer Mexico.

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