December 5, 2020


wbcBy WBCnews 

Super tough and intrepid Argentinian fighter, Vanesa “La Negra” Taborda, who will be fighting Zulina “La Loba” Muñoz, For the WBC super flyweight title on the line, will be arriving  to Mexico on June 28.
The fight will take place on July 2nd in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.
Tabroda like Zulina is in the gray area deadline of preparation,  and  from Argentina, the challenger claimed she has been working exceptionally hard in her preparation and physical conditioning, for the opportunity of a lifetime!
Zulina has not exactly been putting up he feet, with a blistering special training routine in order to have a full quota of  stamina to go the full 10 rounds….if necessary.