Deontay Wilder: I am the best; everyone else is average

By Scott Gilfoid:

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs) has a nice holiday message to give to the other top heavyweights in the division such as Anthony Joshua. Wilder wants the other heavyweights that he’s the best, and they’re beneath his talent level. In other words, they WON’T beat Deontay when the time comes.

Wilder wants to be the first one that sends Joshua down for the 10 count, but unfortunately for him, Joseph Parker might do the job on him first. Parker will be fighting Joshua in early 2018. If the fight goes like I think it will, Parker will KO Joshua in the first 6 rounds.

41-year-old Wladimir Klitschko almost knocked Joshua out last April, and he wasn’t even trying. That was weirdest fight I’ve ever seen in my life. Wladimir was fighting purely defensively. When he finally did make a half-hearted attempt at throwing some punches back at Joshua in the 6th, he had him on the canvas.

Wilder wants a fight with IBF/WBA champion Joshua (20-0, 20 KOs) in the New Year, but it’s going to be up to AJ and his promoter Eddie Hearn if the fight happens. Wilder, 6’7”, has already let Hearn and Joshua know what his asking price is for the fight by saying he’s not taking less than a 50-50 deal.

Here’s Deontay’s message to Joshua and the other heavyweights:

”Half Human, Half Hybrid. I am the Best everyone else is Just Average. No one can beat me. #BombZquad #WilderVsOrtiz #Facts #TheRealistChampIonInTheBusiness.”

I hate to say it but Wilder is looking furious and unbeatable right now, and I don’t think Joshua is going to be able to compete with him if the 2 of them face each other in 2018.

There are only a handful of talented heavyweights in the division that can give Wilder any trouble. Those are as follows:

• Anthony Joshua – Terrible stamina and a fragile chin

• Joseph Parker

• Alexander Povetkin – getting old at 38

• Jarrell Miller – He was almost knocked out by Gerald Washington recently. Miller doesn’t know what his best weight is

• Dillian Whyte – No power. He’s just a slapper at this point I his career. Whyte was almost knocked out by Robert Helenius last October

• Dominic Breazeale – Lacks power and tends to lose it when he faces someone that throws punches

Wilder and Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz are in negotiations for a fight on March 3 on Showtime Championship Boxing. Ortiz was given the rematch by Wilder following his 2nd round knockout win over Daniel Martz. Wilder has got to make sure that he comes out guns blazing against Ortiz in the first 3 rounds, because that’s when the Cuban fighter is his most dangerous. After 3 rounds, Ortiz slows down to a trot, and looks like an old man in his 50s. If Wilder unloads on Ortiz after the 3rd round, the fight is going to end pronto. I’m just saying.

Once Wilder gets Ortiz out of the way, the real headache will be trying to negotiate a fight with Hearn for the Joshua fight. When you’ve got a wily promoter like Hearn, who may not have any real interest in making the Wilder-Joshua fight, then there’ll be a ton of ways for him to make sure the fight never takes place. Hearn is already shot his cannon across the bow of Team Wilder by letting them know that he’s not going to ever get a 50-50 cut of the purse for the Joshua fight. With Hearn already yapping 24/7 about how Wilder isn’t going to get the cash that he’s asking for to face Joshua, he’s basically letting he Bronze Bomber know that there’s not going to be a fight. If there is going to be a Joshua-Wilder fight, the cut will likely be so far tilted in Joshua’s favor that it won’t matter if he loses the fight. He’ll make a fortune from the match, and he won’t need to work another day in his life. Joshua could pull a Tyson Fury and just disappear from boxing and get nice and fat while resting on his backside, stuffing assorted delicacies down his gullet by the handful.

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Joshua, 28, is starting to sound like a real bully with the things he’s been squawking about. He was blabbering the other day about how he’s not comfortable with WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker because he’s not showing his proper fear of him. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of from a champion. I guess Joshua was hoping that Parker would cringe a little, and grovel. Parker doesn’t want to pretend that he’s afraid of Joshua just to make him feel confident. That’s a waste of time.

Joshua vs. Parker has 3 possible dates for the first half of 2018. Those dates are as follows: March 24, March 31 and April 7. The potential venue for the Joshua-Parker fight is the stadiums at Twickenham and the Principality in Cardiff, Wales. Joshua already proved that he can fill up the Principality Stadium for his recent October 28 title defense against Carlos Takam. It’s unclear what Parker’s purse will be for the fight. We heard that it’s going to be between 30 and 35 percent. Parker wanted a 40 percent cut initially. If Hearn was able to get him to back down all the way to 33 percent or lower, then you would have to view that as a minor victory for Hearn. 35 percent would be the fairer number, as it’s halfway between the number that Hearn wanted at 30 percent for Parker and 40 percent

Joshua’s promoter David Higgins says the British boxing fans are in a trance thinking he’s a fighter that can’t ever be beaten. Higgins says that Parker is going to snap fans awake by doing a job on Joshua when the two of them face each other in early 2018.

”Most of the blinded British fans think Joshua is this unbeatable messiah with no chinks in his armor when, in fact, there are many,” said Higgins to the ”By the time I’ve finished my job they’re going to think Parker’s the favorite,” said Higgins.

So, there it is. Higgins telling it like it is. Parker will be the favorite by the time his promoter Higgins is through with dissecting Joshua for the boxing public to see. I think Higgins is going to take Joshua apart piece by piece to reveal what makes him ticket. We’re already seeing signs that Parker has Joshua crumbling mentally by exposing him as a bully who can’t handle it when his opponents don’t show submissive behavior. Joshua is so used to his opponents showing fear before he faces them. Now that he’s fighting someone that is standing up to him in Parker, Joshua is starting to come unglued mentally. We’re not even 2 months from the fight, and Joshua is already crumbling mentally.

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There are 2 schools of thought here. The new belief is that Joshua needs his opponents to be afraid of him for him to win. If Joshua’s opponents come to win, they have a good chance of blasting him to smithereens within 6 rounds. The old school is that of Joshua’s loyal boxing fans, who believe that he’s an invincible monster, a force of nature that can’t be stopped by any of the heavyweights in the division. Joshua’s wily promoter Eddie Hearn has done an excellent job of barking the message to the masses to get them to follow.

”He’s properly rattled and you can see it in some of the strange things he’s saying,”said Higgins. ”Joseph Parker has already won round one of the fight, which is the psychological battle. He has the edge. The only shocking thing is that Joshua isn’t used to it and seems to be rattled. He’s had an easy ride and no one has come at him with facts like we have,” said Higgins.

It’s not so much the facts that have Joshua looking royally unhinged. It’s more of a case of Parker having Joshua ready to crumble mentally just by being confident and not looking afraid and cowering. That’s the worst thing that Parker could do if he started to shiver and give Joshua the feeling that he’s the king dealing with one of his royal subjects.

I get the impression that whatever hunger that Joshua ever had is completely gone. The guy has made a small fortune already since turning pro in 2013. Joshua lives in a huge mansion in the UK, and he doesn’t have the same hunger he had when he was living a hard life of having to struggle like most people do.

Joshua has put on so much muscle in a brief period in the last 3 years. All those muscles require O2 to supply them. In the Wladimir Klitschko fight, Joshua was badly depleted in the 5th round from throwing a dozen punches. Wladimir still had his hand-eye coordination, he would have finished Joshua in the 5th round. Wladimir whiffed on at least 15 big left hooks in the 5th round alone. If any of those punches had landed, he would have knocked Joshua cold. Wladimir’s punch accuracy was completely gone. If you look at early video of Wladimir, he never missed with his left hooks and right hands. He was deadly accurate. The first thing that goes with an older fighter is his accuracy with his punches. Joshua couldn’t finish Wladimir because he was so tired from having to carry around all those bodybuilding muscles. If Parker can survive one of Joshua’s flurries, the fight will be over. Joshua will be exhausted and too tired to continue to fight. Parker isn’t going to go back to his corner and ask his trainer what he should do in that situation the way Wladimir did. I couldn’t believe how mentally weak Wladimir was. He had to be told by his trainer Johnathon Banks that he needs to go after Joshua and finish him in the 7th. Even Banks told Wladimir to finish Joshua, he didn’t even attempt to. Wladimir ended up listening to his brother Vitali Klitschko instead, who told him to box Joshua the rest of the way. It was so crazy, and so stupid. Parker doesn’t need to be held by the hand and told what to do like he’s a child. Once he gets Joshua hurt and gassed out, he’ll be on cruise control and will be looking to take him out straightaway.

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Parker has the mobility, power and most importantly the stamina to KO Joshua when the time comes for the two heavyweights for them to fight each other.

Parker, 25, didn’t look so good in his last fight against Hughie Fury on September 23, but that was because he was facing a runner/clincher. Hughie did nothing but spoil for 12 rounds, and look to survive. Joshua wouldn’t have had any luck in trying to KO Hughie either, because it would have been next to impossible for him to cut off the ring to get to him. If Joshua did get at Hughie, he would be quickly tied up in a bear-hug and prevented from landing any of his big shots.

Hearn and Joshua will only need to give concessions for 3 heavyweights in the division, and those guys are Deontay Wilder, Parker and Tyson Fury. If Joshua beats all 3 of those fighters, then he doesn’t need to worry about giving anyone concessions any longer. Joshua will own all 4 of the heavyweight titles, and he’s have already fought the top heavyweights in the division. Once Joshua has those belts, there’s no point in him giving concessions to anybody. Hearn can give Joshua’s opponents just mere scrapings in terms of offers to them. If they don’t accept it, then he can move on. That’s the positive of Joshua capturing all 4 of the heavyweight titles. Once he holds all those belts, then there’s nothing his opponents can hold over his head to get a bigger cut. It’s too bad Joshua is so caught up in needing to win all the heavyweight titles. I guess Joshua needs to win the titles to help validate his career. Things don’t always work out, especially when you start getting soft after you’ve made the kind of money Joshua has in his short career. He’s living too well now, and he’s going to find out the hard way that the young and hungry fighters are the ones that succeed in boxing. It might be time for Joshua to step out of the way for the young lions to take over.

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