By WBCboxing.com

Dillian Whyte is finally face to face with Lucas Browne and fate, during the  official press conference of their heavyweight clash in London.

Whyte has been involved in an irritable spat with Browne on social networks for some time now and at the conference there were heated, piquant, sniping exchanges from them both. The fight will take place at the O2 Arena on March 24, and the World Boxing Council silver heavyweight will be on the line.

“I just don`t like him! We have said things through social networks and I am waiting for the day of the fight to punish him,” snapped Browne.

“I’ve always had the power on my side, I can fight 11 rounds, lose 11 rounds and knock him out in the 12th. From that point of view, I’m dangerous to anyone on the planet.”

Whyte testily retorted: “I`m absolutely sure that I will keep my position as number 1 in the WBC ranking, to then challenge the champion Deontay Wilder. This is a fight we’ve been trying to settle  for a while. We’ve been chasing Lucas Browne and he’s been running!  Browne has no way to stop me. He is old and slow!  All he has is power. I’m younger, cooler and I’m going to knock him out!”

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