Mexican Pedro Guevara is keen to  seize  a new title opportunity on October 22 when he braces and then faces light flyweight  World Boxing Council champion, Ken Shiro in Japan.
“Pedrin” has been training diligently, aptly and intelligently towards this crucial clash, and must  work hard to defeat the champion, who’s an outstanding fighter. Shiro won the title by defeating Ganigan Lopez on May 20 of this year by majority decision, in what was a very close fight.

Pedro Guevara was this division’s world champion from 2014 to 2015. Japanese boxer Yu Kimura snatched the crown on November 28, 2015 and later, Mexican Ganigan Lopez defeated Kimura in his first defense.

In this way, the title has gone through Mexican and Japanese hands with some frequency.  Pedro Guevara promises to put an end to this frenetic cycle, gearing  plenty of attack and little back pedalling,  in order to recover the WBC crown.

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