May 28, 2020

Johnson vs Farah for GBO Heavyweight Belt Saturday in RED Boxing’s “Thrilla in Davao”

DAVAO, Philippines  —  Thrilla in Davao combatants Ron Johnson and Saul Farah claim to be fit as fiddles as they wind up their spartan training with light gym workouts for the Global Boxing Organization (GBO) world heavyweight championship match Saturday 15 June at the Enderun Tent, Azuela Cove, Lanang, Davao ☀️

Aka “The American Dream,” Johnson daily communicates with his wife and family in Las Vegas as a way to relax his tired body.

“Hey, my daughter McKenna just finished her dance recital last week and I’m proud of her,” blared Johnson like the proud father of four that he is.

Farah is likewise glued to his cellphone talking long distance to his girlfriend with whom he has 3 kids – 2 girls and a boy.

He doesn’t speak English but his quiet demeanor exudes the modesty and simplicity Bolivians are quite known for.

Trainer-manager Luis Tapia serves as his interpreter while lady boxer Layla McCarter his assistant.

Johnson played high school football and basketball before being attracted to boxing.

“Laila Ali (Muhamad Ali’s daughter) took me in her wings and brought me to Las Vegas where i have resided for the last 18 years,” Johnson disclosed, thanking her for tutoring him.

He has put up a company, The American Dream inc., that deals in government contracting.

The 34 year old Cleveland-born, Ohio native is also into the music recording business in partnership with rapper Ray j.

RED Boxing chair Reynaldo Rodis, promoter of the Thrilla in Davao, found time during spare hours to separately bring the two ring gladiators to spend their time in a worthwhile way.

Farah yesterday visited the Tambayan Center for Children’s Rights, Inc., an NGO that works in tandem with  Adolescent Girls in the Street. Glorie Vi Seno is Tambayan’s leader.

Farah advised the young girls who were formerly juveniles and live direction-less lives to get into sports to keep themselves busy and away from bad company.

“I was a poor boy myself, struggling to get my head above water,” the Bolivian heavyweight kingpin told wide-eyed girls in their teens who for the first time saw a hulking but gentle giant now fighting for the world heavyweight crown.

Previously, Johnson likewise dropped by the House of Hope, a charity-funded haven for young cancer victims and brought gifts and elicited smiles.

A motorcade tomorrow Thursday around selected Davao streets will punctuate to an end the preparation of both boxers who are confident of annexing the vacant GBO heavyweight title as an additional feather to his cap.