May 31, 2020

Muaythai Ultimate Test XIV – Rise of Champions

Participants of the much awaited Muay Thai Ultimate test crowded the WMF Phil kamao training camp as they line up to take the weigh ins last Sunday, May 1 2017.

The MUT series, is a grand amateur and pro-am muay Thai tournament now at it’s 14th installment entitled “Rise of Champions” is a quarterly event hosted and organized by WMF Phil kamao.

Over the years the MUT series has been the testing grounds for starting fighters aspiring to make it to the proffesional leagues and the popular MMA tournaments.

Rising superstars like Junie Kimmayong of Phil kamao and Dominic Iriola of new blood who are now SAFC champions for their respective weights participated in the MUT early in their fighting careers.

The crowd favorite and famous URCC champion who is now about to debut at the word famous UFC, “Golden Boy” Cj de Tomas of De Tomas MMA also had his share of fights in the MUT.

Today, a new generation of future champions from their respective and well known gyms all over Luzon are now next in line as they put their muay Thai prowess to the test this today Sunday May 7,2017 at the Philkamao training camp, at the 6th floor of the Victory Mall in Caloocan City.

Outstanding gyms like Ground and Pound, Brawlers Lab, Tat kun tou, back fist gym, Fight Fury, Phil Kamao Kalasag, New blood, D Elements, D Armoury, Pugilist Muaythai, Engage Team, Fight Factory, Real Men Fighter, Fight Republic, WMF Way of the Champions and Malayan Kanfu are participating as their respective fighters are expected to bring out their best as clash in the fight ring to emerge as rising champions for this quarter’s MUT IV.

Muaythai Ultimate Test is thanking all it’s Partners and our official sponsors – Jian Axcel Sisig our food and drinks, Payantog sport our official fight gears, Victory Central Mall our official Venue, Deck man Sea Expert, Hallohallo Mall, Triskelion Council South Caloocan, Government of caloocan and Sport Recreation, Expose News and and supporters for their continuous patronage making the MUT a successful event quarterly