May 25, 2020

Muaythai Ultimate Test XV (Battle for glory) Result

By Archie Brioso

Battle for glory was the recent theme of the Muaythai Ultimate Test XV (MUT series) as it ended successfully with loud cheering and thundering applause with its the high level amateur main events last Sunday, February 18, at the 6th floor of the Victory Mall Monumento, Caloocan City Philippines.

The tournament had over 15 well known martial arts fight camps all over metro manila and had almost 20 amateur bouts in it’s fight card. Among the participating gyms were Tat kun tou, AJJ Muaythai QC, Hyper MMA, Jumuay, Highland Gym, Real Men Fighters, Camba Gym, D’Elements gym, Engaged, Jumuay, Yawyan Fervellion, Kickboxing Alliance Gym Rat, Hyper MMA, USC Gym, Daves Fitness Gym and Team Kalasag.

Bouts were toe to toe as these gyms showcase their Muaythai represented by their bets/athletes displaying their skills inside the MUT fight ring. Notable fight camps showed power in numbers as they had the most amount of athletes participating in the tournament.
AJJ Muaythai is one of these gyms despite being the newest addition to MUT’s regular participating Muaythai Camps.

The audience were at awe holding their breaths and were at the edge of their seats as they witness how tat kun tou’s rising star fighter Mark Julian Itaas fought head to head with AJJ Muay thai’s Andro Solar during the main event. Mark emerged as the victor in what seemed to be a high level amateur fight of the first quarter of the year. These two notable young fighters fought for the Kickboxing Aliance Philippines Youth Championship match and are now candidates for the next Philippine delegation participating in the Thai Martial arts festival by the World Muay Boran Federation this coming March in Bangkok, Thailand.

The MUT series had been a stepping stone and testing grounds providing a venue for talented athletes to measure their skills before moving up to proffesional amateur level and Mixed Martial arts (MMA) competitions.

WMF Phil kamao and the MUT is thanking all of its sponsors – Payantog Sports the official sports gear of the MUT makers of quality sport equipment genuine Philippine made (, Jian – Axel Sisig Station (All Victory Mall Branches), Caloocan City Sports and Recreation, Fightnews Asia (, Victory Central Mall and Maam Mia Camiya., for the continued support and patronage paving the way to yet another successful event fot the 1st quarter.

Groufie with the major sponsors, gym coaches, athletes and the entire MUT staff
one of our sponsor Maam Mia Camiya awarding the medals and certificates to the winners
Payantog owner-Gelyn Aquino awards the medals and certificates to the winners
Payantog owner-Joey Aquino awards the medals and certificates to the co-main event winner
Payantog owner-Joey Aquino awards the medals to the champion