May 28, 2020

Muaythai Ultimate Test(MUT): The Cornerstone of Future Filipino Champions.

The Muay Thai Ultimate test entitled “Rise of Champions ” ended with the crowd roaring in awe as it was held last Sunday at the 6th floor of the Victory Mall in Caloocan City, Philippines.

It’s 14th installment, the tournament circuit had surely established a pillar of excellence as far as Amateur fighting championships is concerned and another successful, action-packed event for WMF Phil kamao.

Attended by gyms all over Manila old and new, this years 1st MUT event was jam-packed as it held almost 20 amateur bouts participated by fighters representing their respective gyms.
Among the training camps/gyms that participated were Malayan Kanfu(Cabanatuan, antipolo), New blood MMA, D Elements, D Armoury, Ground and pound MMA, Tat kun Tou, Fitness Fury, WMF Way of the Champion, Pugilist MMA, Backfist MMA, Fight Republic and De Tomas MMA.

Notable MMA personalities like Ralf “Noy” Sarol, South East Fight Championships Champion- Dominic Iriola, SAFC promoter Emmanuel Sabrine and URCC bantamweight champion and is now debuting in the world famous UFC – CJ de Tomas were in attendance as they reminisce their MUT fighting days when they were starting out as muay Thai fighters before stepping up the MMA cage.

During his interview, CJ De Tomas told the audience how he was a fighter in the MUT ring early in his fighting career and mentioned that he participated in the event 3 times. The young champion also left an inspiring message for starting fighters in the MUT to start setting their goals and focusing hard to achieve them.

During his interview, CJ De Tomas told the audience how he was a fighter in the MUT ring early in his fighting career

The tournament also aims to introduce it’s direct relation with the muay Thai governing council in Thailand – the World muay boran federation (WMBF) and Kru Muay Association (KMA) authorized and recognized by the Thai department of tourism and sports.

An elaborate description of it’s grading system and a short demonstration of the basic muay boran strikes with their respective Thai term was performed Wmbf-philkamao bulacan chapter Team Kalasag’s Kru Archie Brioso and khan level 3 Arcy M. Brioso.┬áThis opened up a good invitation to all the gyms in attendance to join the khan grading and seminar held by WMF Phil kamao yearly.

Over all the 14 series of the grand amateur tournament ended with exciting, toe to toe bouts, presence of MMA personalities, breath taking muay boran demonstrations leaving all the audience, fans and muay Thai enthusiasts alike on the edge of their seats althrough out the event.

Phil kamao and the MUT is thanking all it’s partners in making the event a sounding success – Payantog sports “genuine Philippine made” the official fight equipment of the MUT, Jian Axel sisig station – the official food and refreshment of the MUT, Victory Mall – home of the muay Thai Ultimate Test, also our sponsors DeckMan Sea Expert,, Expose News, Triskelion Council South Caloocan, Caloocan City Government and sport recreation.

For pictures and videos of the fights and demos please refer to the MUT’s official fan page

All the winners and sponsor of MUT

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