May 31, 2020

Muaythai Ultimate Test XIII “Pride and Glory”

Fighters and enthusiasts alike hold their breaths in anticipation as the thirteenth installation of the Muay Thai ultimate Test series unfolds on September 25 at the Phil kamao grounds 6th floor of the Victory Mall in Caloocan.

Over 18 martial arts gyms are in attendance.Participating in yet another exciting tournament this year’s quarter, each eager to display their Muay thai skills in the fight ring.

Among the notable formidable gyms with their brave fighter eager to clash fists in ring are WMF Phil kamao, Higland Muaythai(Baguio), Malayan Kanfu(Cabanatuan), Phil kamao Team Kalasag(Bulacan), Elorde Fight Camp(Bulacan), Team Lucero(Bulacan), Fight Republic(Alabang), Back Fist MMA Gym, D’Armory Team, JuMuay Combat, New Blood, D Elements, RRRC Fitness Gym, United Sikaran Alliance, SIGMA, RMF Team Biron, Ground and Pound MMA and Team Taurus Muaythai.

An estimated 22 hardcore amateur matches is expected to explode as this action-packed grand tournament takes place this coming Sunday. The event will also serve as screening for potential fighters to represent the country in the annual World Championships held in bangkok Thailand.

The Muaythai Ultimate Test(MUT) series and WMF Phil kamao is thanking all its sponsors Victory Central Mall, Payantog Sport(Official equipment of MUT Series), Jian Axel Sisig Station, Elorde Fight Camp Bulacan, Deckman Sea Expert, Hallohallo mall, Triskelion Council South Caloocan,  our media partner, Powcast Sport and Expose Newspaper for their continues support and patronage.