October 21, 2020

No Boxing Scheduled in Japan

The Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) and Japan’s Professional Boxing Association (JPBA) held an online board of directors meeting on the topic of studying relief measures to deal with to the critical problem caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 to Boxing in Land of The Rising Sun.

The video meeting unfolded last Thursday May 7, and the participants in the online meeting discussed the situation that affects boxers, coaches, Gym owners, promoters and the whole boxing community of Japan.

The 288 Gyms in Japan, and its boxers and Families are feeling the pressure of the inactivity.

For some, this ongoing pandemic is perhaps the most dangerous occurrence in the entire history of Japanese boxing whose origin — according to info from the Japan Boxing Commission — dates back to December 25, 1921, when The Father of Japanese Boxing Yujiro Watanabe established the first ever genuine boxing gym in Tokyo, called the Nippon Kento Club.

The Japan Boxing Commission was established in 1952.

One thing is sure: as of now, there are no boxing shows at all in Japan and its unknown exactly when boxing in the Land of Yoko Gushiken and Fighting Harada might be back.

With good luck and God’s help, boxing might be back in late July or maybe in August. Only God knows.