By WBCnews
Snap, crackle and pop! World Boxing Council middleweight champion, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin” is planning to eat  Kell “Special K” Brook for breakfast, this Saturday, at the O2 Arena.

Golovkin has a sizzling  undefeated record (35-0, 32 kos), knocking  out all his rivals in the last eight years. So few opponents have been eagerly lining up, in order to save their bacon, against a banger.

Except…. Sheffield tempered  unbeaten Brook (36-0, 26 kos) who readily  and rapidly raised his hand to face “GGG” without hesitation, climbing up from  147 pounds to 160 pounds.

“I took risks, and that’s how you progress in this sport. I’m a big  welterweight, so  I won’t be giving away any advantage as middleweight. I am strong, and I will surprise the world,” sunny side up Brook grinningly  promised.

Champion Golovkin matter of fact stated,  ¨I am 100% ready. Frankly, I always do it my way. Brook has hunger for success and I am sure he’ll have trained as never before! So, I’ll do my job and I WILL win.”

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