Peter Quillin ready for May 18th return

Photo: Rey Sanchez / Heavyweight Factory


Cuban-American Peter Quillin visited this May 18, The Heavyweight Factory GYM in Hollywood, Fla. Peter Quillin came to the gym to hold a sparring session. Quillin is regularly training in California looking to improve his fitness for his next fight.

“I still do not have an opponent for my next fight, but we are already training with the goal of returning to the ring in July or August,” Quilin said. “I’m visiting Florida for family business, and they invited me to work here at The Heavyweight Factory, this was a great experience and talking to Holyfield and Bowe was great for me”

Quilin lost his last fight against Daniel Jacobs in December-2015, and now, he trains with the aim of returning to the big fights. “I think I can still win some big fights, I’m 33 and my career is not over for that defeat against Jacobs”

His record of 32-1-1 talks about his quality. Daniel Jacobs took advantage of his speed and power against Quillin and knocked him out in the first round in his bid to reach the WBA middleweight title. “I have no excuses, those things happen in boxing and in the middle weights is no surprise, there these guys hit very hard and in this sport you win and you lose”

For now, we are working to cut excess weight. I have been away for 18 months. It is a slow job but every day I feel better in the GYM, and little by little, we are going to achieve the best physical condition possible. Very soon, we will make an official announcement about my next fight. Quillin concludes.

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