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WBC bantamweight champion Luis ¨Pantera¨ Nery,  showed strength,  speed  and agility during in a training session for  the media, at the Mayen Gym in Tijuana, three weeks before  the rematch with Shinsuke Yamanaka in Kokugikan, Japan.

“Pantera” Nery (25-0, 19 kos), who’s 23 years old, breezed through  three rounds of sparring with Carlos Fontes and the brothers Juan Carlos and José Carlos Sánchez, showing precision, tempered power and great reflexes.

Then he switched to an intense session of 4-round pads  work where he showed impressiv. hand  speed..
¨We are ready for the rematch, it has been an excellent training camp,  very complete, plus a  nutritionist, cheff who prepares my food, which is all organic, A physical trainer, doctors, my coach and excellent sparring partners. I am at the correct weight, and ready to prove again that I am better than Yamanaka¨

Luis Nery KO’d Yamanka in four rounds on August in Kyoto, Japan to Yamanaka, to conquer the bantamweight belt. But some weeks later, he tested positive in the Clean Boxing Program for consumption of contaminated food and the WBC ordered a direct rematch against Yamanaka.

Nery confirms  that on Monday, February 19, he will travel with his team to Tokyo, Japan via San Diego, California.

He stresses that he’s more confident than ever,  that he will defeat former champion Yamanaka (27-1-2, 19 kos) again.

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