Should Gennady Golovkin fight again in Las Vegas?

If you handled GGG, would you let him fight Canelo again in the Fight Capital?

Bob Arum had no dog in the hunt Saturday, when Canelo Alvarez got the W over Gennady Golovkin at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Ya know, where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, where some of us wonder if GGG is going to campaign again.

The guy is 0-for-2 against the redhead over there, and there is no shortage of folks who cannot understand why he isn’t 2-0 versus the Mexican. Does it perhaps have something to do with the fact that there is the perception that Canelo is the “house” fighter in Nevada?

I put that to Arum, when he came on TALKBOX. Would he, if he handled GGG, seek to place a third bout between Canelo and the Kazakh hitter out of Vegas?

“Two of the three judges were not from Vegas. I had it like 8-4, 7-5 for Golovkin. But the judges from ringside can see it better, and they’re good judges,” the Brooklyn-born deal maker told us.

Another guest on the show, Doug Fischer of RING, also debated with me whether maybe it would be a good idea for Team GGG to give Vegas a pass. Fischer said he’d like to see the third tango at a stadium in Texas, or in NYC.

Your thoughts, friends? If YOU handled GGG, would you refuse to place the third Canelo v GGG bout in Sin City?

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