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Muaythai Ultimate Test XV (Battle for glory) Result

By Archie Brioso Battle for glory was the recent theme of the Muaythai Ultimate Test XV (MUT series) as it ended successfully with loud cheering and thundering applause with its the high level amateur main events last Sunday, February 18, at the 6th floor of the Victory Mall Monumento, Caloocan […]

Muaythai Ultimate Test(MUT): The Cornerstone of Future Filipino Champions.

The Muay Thai Ultimate test entitled “Rise of Champions ” ended with the crowd roaring in awe as it was held last Sunday at the 6th floor of the Victory Mall in Caloocan City, Philippines. It’s 14th installment, the tournament circuit had surely established a pillar of excellence as far […]

Muaythai Ultimate Test XIII “Pride and Glory”

Fighters and enthusiasts alike hold their breaths in anticipation as the thirteenth installation of the Muay Thai ultimate Test series unfolds on September 25 at the Phil kamao grounds 6th floor of the Victory Mall in Caloocan. Over 18 martial arts gyms are in attendance.Participating in yet another exciting tournament […]