Terror in the isle of Belasco

Left to right (George Tannon Edillor, Recky Dulay, Ghislain Mani Maduma, Steven Butler, and Rodel Mayol) Energix Gym
Edited by Kneo Flores and Written by Monty Flores


At 2012 Flilipino boxing olympian will compete against a panamanian fighter this July 14 at the Belasco theatre. Recky “The Terror” Dulay has a record of 9 wins 2 losses 0 draws 6 KOs and is 25 years old. He comes from the northern part of Samar Philippines. He will be fighting Jaime “Jaimito” Arboledo from Curondo Panama. He has a record of 10 wins 0 losses and 8 KOs. They will be competing in the super featherweight division. Jaime stands 5’9 and is trained by Rigoberto Garbaldi and managed by Ernesto Marcel Jr. On the other corner of the ring Recky “The Terror” Dulay who is being trained by the former WBC light weight champion of the world, Rodel Mayol. He is assisted by Stanley Godinez, a master of Manny Pacquiao’s conditioning routine. He is managed by ray Rodis, a local resident of Los Angeles. Recky is definitely pumped up to prove himself outside the Philippines. he has adapted boxing techniques from two of the greatest filipino trainers of all tim, Marvin Somodio and Rodel Mayol. A hybrid of Freddie Roach, Buboy Hernandez, and Nonoy Neri school of boxing. This fight is sponsored by Golden Boy Promotions. A non-title fight to prove who is who in Pinoy boxing and to improve their respective ranking in the world of boxing. The Pinoys will be there to backup our fighter at 1050 Hill st. on July 14. The Pinoys will be there to regulate the Latino fans that there is “Reckin” machine who is going to do his best to hand Jaime Rebolado his first professional loss.


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