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In May of this year, Mexican boxing lost two promising fighters, namely former WBC Silver champion, David “Tornado” Sánchez and one of his brothers, Jonathan Sánchez, aged 26 and 23 respectively.

The terrible accident happened on a highway in Hermosillo, when they were returning from training at 5:30 in the morning. Another brother  Roberto,  wasn’t with them as he had been sparring and had to rest a little longer.

“Tornado” left his mark in 31-4-2 and 23 knockouts, while Jonathan held a record of 18-3 and 11 knockouts.

Roberto, who as a result of this incident is now known as “Tornadito” Sanchez,  is seeking to follow the successful steps of his brothers and continue to progress in the world of boxing to fulfill his dream of becoming world champion.

“Tornadito” (16-1-0, 10 Ko’s) will have a tough test on November 10, when he faces Mauro “Gato” Loreto at the Gimnasio Solidaridad de Hermosillo, Sonora, for the prestigious Intercontinental youth super flyweight title endorsed by the World Boxing Council.

Sanchez says he is in top condition to overcome this tough test and win the belt that would put him on the map to contest a world Championship in the future.

“I am well prepared and happy with my work, I am 100% ready. All sacrifice has its reward and now this great opportunity has presented itself to us, I am very motivated. It is a very important fight in my career and if we win, better things will come, “” Tornadito pledged “.

Roberto stated that one of his greatest inspirations has been and will be forever be his brothers.

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