WBC convinced  China is posed to become a major global force in Boxing

China, an awakening giant in the sport of Boxing, will have as many as five world champions within the next five years!

That’s the prediction of Patrick Cusick, who’s the Secretary General of Asia Boxing Council, the Secretary General of WBC Muay Thai,  and a member of the WBC’s Board of Govermors.

The WBC Asian Summit,  and WBC third Women’s Convention including a Muay Thai conference is simultaneously being held in Manila.  Patrick says this is providing triple dividends, explaining: “for the first time ever it was an official summit for the two main federations, namely the Asia Boxing Council and its Oriental Pacific Federation.

“Both were able to discuss the very important issues of the day, but particularly about…where will boxing be in Asia in the next five years?”

Patrick identifies a new pattern stressing: “Historically it’s been about Korea and Thailand and the Philippines, and there’s been this viewpoint that China  would eventual join with  this grouping.  It’s got a gateway into Thailand and has close relations with the Philippines. But in the last ten years, there’s only been one Chinese World Champion?”

China has been focusing on amateur boxing.  But that is changing as ever more are setting their sights on pro boxing, and accordingly there will be an influx.  Patrick predicts:  ” They’ll win Asian and then World titles and I’m sure, in the next five years they’ll be between three to five world champions from China.

“China is opening up to boxing, saying we’re  going to pull then out of amateur trading camps and put them into the professional ranks.”

Patrick explains the crystallization and comparison of information in one place at one time is invaluable, adding: “We all agreed China is  going to be  a major force in the next five years.  Secondly we have to look to boxers’ safety, to make sure the same standards for safety and protection apply in ALL nations of Asia.

“The Philippines are leading Asia to make sure the boxers have exit books, before they can leave and fight.  The responsibility of the promoters is to check these books to insure that every Asian boxer, is safe to fight.”

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