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The WBC began boxing activity in China in 2001 with the leadership of several members of the WBC and through the WBC affiliated Continental federation of the region, the OPBF. Frank Quill, then OPBF President appointed Bruce McTavish to perform a series of Ring officials’ seminars, which led to the first boxing activity in Mainland China. Years later WBC affiliated federation ABCO joined forces to provide further support to develop professional boxing in China.

The WBC organized the first ever World Convention in China as 2008 memorable event took place in Chengdu with the presence of many great international icons, including Vitaliy Klitschko, Don King, Marco Antonio Barrera and over 700 delegates from all over the world.


It was also the WBC who sanctioned the first ever world title fight of professional boxing in China back in 2008 and to top it all it was also the WBC the first organization to crown a Chinese boxer as world champion as Xiong Zhao Zhong conquered the WBC minimum weight on November 24, 2012


A second WBC world convention took place in Kunming on 2014 with spectacular success through the support of Mr. Liu Tao.


        In 2017 the WBC has held training seminars and launched the first WBC Gym under Dongye Sports with the presence of Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson and the plan is to expand nationwide with this spectacular facilities and other activities .


It has come to the attention of the World Boxing Council that there has been confusion regarding the WBC’s presence in China, it’s representatives, who they are, and their authority and responsibilities.

This release is intended to clarify any confusion.

Until further notice, the official liaison of the WBC for China is Bob Yalen, the Technical Director of the WBC. There are no other WBC China representatives at this time, in China or internationally, except as appointed for specific tasks by Mr. Yalen.

The WBC is currently conducting training seminars at which participants can learn the fundamentals and techniques of refereeing and judging, of medical standards and physician responsibilities during a boxing card, and of training, both as a participant and as a trainer. These are an ongoing project of the World Boxing Council, which have received tremendous response all over the country and its provinces.

We are grateful for the continued cooperation and support of our WBC promoters, notably the Dongye Sports Group of Hangzhou, and would like everyone to know that the WBC is an open and honest group which fully supports and encourages the growth and advancement of the great sport of boxing in the great country of China.

If you would like to have the WBC support and guidance as a promoter or any other capacity as manager of fighters, trainer, ring official or in any other capacity   please contact Bob Yalen at byalen1@aol.com or telephone him at +1 860 961-5044. If you need the services of a translator, please advise.

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