October 20, 2020

WBC TALKS 74 “Coffee Tuesday” with Mauricio Sulaimán

WBC TALKS 74 “Coffee Tuesday” with Mauricio Sulaimán

WBC TALKS 74 “Coffee Tuesday” with Mauricio Sulaimán

Today, it was a case of: “For Pete’s sake,” as WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman announced that the works and logistics viz the ANNUAL CONVENTION WBC 58- VIRTUAL- FROM ST PETERSBURG are well advanced, in order to offer the very best event, in our changing world.

This online Bonanza runs from August 12 to 15. We already have a spectacular agenda which includes the opening ceremony, an array of presentations, review of world rankings. And the scrutiny of the status of the mandatory defenses of each division, seminars for ring officials, and meetings of all committees plus special awards ceremony. We will also have a memorable social agenda, which will include the famous ballet, walks around the city, and a boxing card to close our activities.

Mauricio invited everyone to register at https://www.wbcboxing.com/convention2020/ and be part of this unforgettable event.

Our special guests today, were the protagonists of the latest card organized by Zanfer. The cutting edge promoter has been offering excellent boxing matches behind closed doors.

Jackie Nava, who returned to the ring after a year of inactivity, said she was pleased and satisfied with her victory over Estrella Valverde. She however observed that it was very rare to fight in these new and altered circumstances, stressing that the most important factor is to restart boxing because fighters need to Earn a crust and make a living.

One of the surprises of this Tuesday of Coffee was the presence of Mariana Juárez, who warmly and sportingly congratulated Jackie on her performance. While clearly pointing out that the fight with her will be a different “Kettle of fish” since both are on an altogether different level. This is the fight that the public has long been clamoring for. Without a date yet and still, both are already training in order to gain supreme conditioning.

Guillermo Brito said he was very happy with the results of this series of closed-door shows, because doing things well, can achieve great results. He acknowledged and praised the efforts of all fighters involved, stressing it`s of the utmost importance to follow security protocols, especially tests to detect COVID-19.

Another principal topic was the initiative of Deportes Unidos por México, which in alliance with Morton Subastas, that has launched a digital auction of objects and experiences, to gather and garner financial resources, to be donated to the project “Sumamos por México,” led by Carlos Slim Foundation and CIE Foundation.

Fans will be able to acquire items of their favorite sports organizations, which they would not otherwise have access to; So, wit this, the Mexican fans will do their bit on the home front.

Mauricio also explained that the WBC will cooperate in this auction with: a glove signed by Mike Tyson. Article from the private collection of José Sulaimán Chagnón (President of the WBC from 1975 to 2014). Measurements: 28 x 15 cm. With a certificate. A world champion belt identical to that given to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Tyson Fury, among others. Plaque in 24K gold plated, 30 cm in diameter, authentic green leather assembled by Cleto Reyes, 1.20 meters long, hand-painted and assembled piece by piece.

To conclude a very busy meeting, the commemorative ticket was presented to the great champion Julio César Chávez, who will be celebrating his birthday on July 12. After almost three and a half months of pause, the National Lottery will resume their activities with this fabulous tribute to one of the idols of Mexico.