Weidman wants a ‘high risk, high reward’ opponent in UFC light heavyweight debut

By Lewis Mckeever@Mckeever89


After years of contemplation, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman will be moving up the the light heavyweight division.

The timing may be a bit off, as Weidman was hoping to conquer the light heavyweight throne while still champ at middleweight, but those days are behind him and ‘All-American’ is now looking for a fresh start at 205-pounds.

“I’ve had two back-to-back surgeries, I’m coming off a loss, and I’m just like, my weight’s going kind of high,” Weidman said backstage at UFC 238, per MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn. “I’ve accomplished my goals at (185 pounds). I’ve had that belt wrapped around me four different times. I really wanted to get it back, and I’m not saying the door is totally shut on that idea. I’m not saying the door is totally shut on ’85, but the weight cuts are tough, and I kind of want to see what my body is like without depleting itself.

“I won’t be the biggest 205er, that’s definitely for sure. But I don’t think I’ll be the smallest. I think I bring things to the table that could be an issue for a lot of those guys.”

Although Weidman doesn’t have a specific opponent in mind, the 34-year-old would prefer to fight a ‘high risk, high reward’ opponent in his light heavyweight debut.

“Honestly I don’t care,” Weidman said. “One side of me is like, ‘Listen, I’ve fought 10 or 11 top-five guys in a row.’ Is it the smart thing to fight a guy who is not on that level? Probably, but I like to take risks. High risk, high reward. The better the guy, the more people doubting, and I think that’s what truly motivates me and excites me.”

Weidman expects to return to the Octagon in October, so don’t expect to see an official fight announcement anytime soon.

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