By WBCboxing.com

This Friday at the Grand Palace Hotel in Tokyo the official weigh in for tomorrow´s WBC flyweight championship…and a shock!

Mexican Juan “Churritos” Hernandez (34-2, 25 KOs) lost  the World Boxing Council flyweight title on the scales, failing to be inside the division limit. Juan Hernandez was supposed to make the first defense of the WBC flyweight crown against ranked# 1 Daigo Higa (12-0 / 12KOs) aged  21 years.

Daigo Higa succeeded in his first attempt, by weighing  50.8 kilograms (112 pounds), just inside the limit.

As for Juan Hernandez,  he tipped 51 kilograms, 200 grams above the division. According to the regulations, Juan Hernandez was given two hours to shed the weight; however, and instead, he decided to leave the title vacant.

The Japanese Boxing Commission announced that the battle between Juan Hernandez and Daigo Higa will be held tomorrow. In case Daigo Higa gets the victory, he will be recognized as the new world champion, while, if Juan Hernandez wins the fight, the crown will remain vacant.

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