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Visiting Mexico City, WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez, spoke from the heart of just what it means to own the most prestigious green and gold belt.

Accompanied by his father Jose Benavídez and his promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, this sincere, sensible and modest young man expressed his gratitude to all those who in one way or another have participated in the conquest of this great dream.

Sampson Lewkowicz, one of the most recognized promoters, commented that David has been one of those most beautiful and opportune coincidences, because David showed immense promise during a training session, easily handling an opponent with natural precocious skill.

Keen to meet David, Sampson approached his family specifically his father and after reaching an agreement they started working together.

“When I saw David I thought the same thing that when I discovered Mannny Pacquiao and Sergio Martinez, I had a diamond in my hands, four years of waiting worth it. This boy will be an idol, because he has the power in his fists and humility in the heart “-he commented-

Concerning a possible fight against Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez, Sampson stressing he’s not interested in a unified fight because the only belt that interests them is the green and gold one.

One of the most emotional moments came when David presented a recognition from the WBC to his father, who shed some tears and remembered the humbleness of his origin but also achieved the promise he made to get ahead for his family…and how!

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