By WBCboxing

At Tokyo’s Teiken Boxing Gym, WBC bantamweight contender Luis “Pantera” Nery (23-0, 17KO’s) held a light tapering down training  session,  to keep sharp for his clash with champion, Shinsuke Yamanaka (27-0-2, 19KO’s).

Nery commented: “My physical condition is better than ever, I could fight Yamanaka today!  Every morning I run  and in the afternoon I do physical exercises. I feel very strong here in Japan. Temperature  and humidity are most convenient to control my weight. I am more and more motivated to win.”

After chatting   with the Japanese media, Luis trained with a sparring partner for two rounds, hit the the heavy bag with gusto and then worked the pads, finishing by jumping rope.

Some time later,  the world champion Yamanaka also did a training session. Aware that his Mexican challenger is highly dangerous, he said: “We know that Nery comes to try to win my belt. I will  knock him out, to successfully defend my title once again. ”

If Shinsuke defeats Nery, he will be able to match the record of most  title defenses in Japanese boxing, which is currently held by  Yoko Gushiken.

“I do not feel pressured to pass Gushiken’s title defenses record. I am very grateful for the opportunity to defend my crown against a great rival.”

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