Punchlines from Jelena Mrdjenovich

By WBCBoxing.com

Some wise guys that say that women boxers can’t punch hard,  should think again, especially in the case of Jelena Mrdjenovich.

Nineteen of Jelena’s thirty eight wins are by KO.  The WBC female featherweight champion and eight times world champion suggests: “I think it’s body position, body weight, keeping your body underneath  the punches and genetics maybe?” (laughs)

In sixteen years of boxing, Jelena  captured her first WBC title in 2005. She was the first WBC female featherweight champion.

“I always work hard and improve on errors. If you get complacent in this sport, complacency hurts you, if not worse.”

And remaining  ambition still burs brightly: “I love going to the gym and I always  set different goals and challenges for myself. I have two world titles in this division and there are two others.

” There’s also the possibility of dropping one weight category and fighting for that world title.  I’m always up for a challenge and trying something different. I think I would be able to make the weight, but not stay in that weight class the whole time. I would like to do that and then go back to featherweight where it’s comfortable.”

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