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Vitor Belfort on Floyd Mayweather in MMA: He doesn’t have a chance even against 14-year-olds

Bloodyelbow.com By Milan Ordoñez@Mr_Ordonez Retired undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been reportedly interested in making a transition into mixed martial arts. He has apparently begun applying for a license already, and says he is looking forward to fighting in the cage “by the end of the year.” In the same way many people disparaged Conor […]

Mystery gunman sought after Floyd Mayweather motorcade shot at, “Money Team” bodyguard hit

Boxingnews247.com James Slater No wonder boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather employs so much security staff. Yesterday evening in Atlanta, a mystery gunman opened fire on Mayweather’s “Money Team” motorcade, one of the shots hitting a Mayweather bodyguard in the leg and hospitalising the man. According to reports, police strongly believe the […]

Dana White on Floyd Mayweather: ‘It’ll take years’ of training to become MMA ready

Bloodyelbow.com By Milan Ordoñez@Mr_Ordonez   When Tyron Woodley claimed that he be helping Floyd Mayweather Jr. train for MMA, he gave a timeframe of two and a half months to get it done. Mayweather, meanwhile, gave himself what he deemed to be a more realistic deadline of six to eight months. But according to UFC president Dana White, who has […]