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No Kicks, Some Buts; Floyd Mayweather Says He Will Face Japanese Kickboxer After All – In An Exhibition Bout

By Boxing247.com Whatever happens on New Year’s Eve in Japan – whether semi-retired superstar Floyd Mayweather fights or not – that perfect, unbeaten 50-0 record will remain intact. Mayweather, who caught a good deal of flak for bailing on his announced fight with 20 year old kickboxer, MMA fighter Tenshin […]

Mayweather to enjoy huge height advantage over 5’4” Tenshin Nasukawa

Boxingnews24.com By Mike Smith: Floyd Mayweather Jr., 5’8″, is going to be enjoying a huge four inch height and 20+ lb weight advantage over the 5’4″ Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in their fight on December 31 in Japan. Although the rules of the fight haven’t yet been announced, Nasukawa’s indifference about them […]

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Carlos Baldomir: Was This The Fight That Saw Floyd Turn Into A “Boring” Fighter?

By Boxing247.com Going into his November 2006 welterweight title fight with Carlos Baldomir, pound-for-pound best Floyd Mayweather had stopped four of his last six foes and he had thrilled fans with some pretty brutal and wholly effective and accurate punching in fights against Arturo Gatti and Phillip N’dou. At this […]

Is There Any Reason At All To Think A Mayweather-Pacquiao II Would Be A Better Fight Than The First Encounter?

Boxing247.com With UFC boss Dana White pouring some major cold water on the possibility a Floyd Mayweather-Khabib “super-fight,” it looks as though “Money” will have to look elsewhere for his next nine-figure payday. Mayweather seems to be set to fight again and it now looks as though his only “safe” […]