Estrada-Beamon Final Press Conference


WBC super flyweight world champion Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada (39-3, 26 KOs) and his challenger Dewayne Beamon (16-1-1, 11 KOs) faced off at the final press conference before their DAZN-streamed clash on Saturday at the CUM in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Juan Francisco Estrada: “I am very excited, very motivated by this fight before my people from Hermosillo. We’ve done a great preparation because we know the level and how competitive Beamon is, but I want to give the fans a memorable fight, and I want to tell you that the title stays at home.”

Dewayne Beamon: “Estrada is the champion of this division, and that’s why I’m coming for him. I want to beat the best. I’m coming to his backyard, but I have the talent, skill and hard work in the gym to overcome him. We’re going to beat him round by round. I have the style that’s difficult for him.”

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