Floyd Mayweather says yes, he has had talks about another fight: “Another multi-billion dollar deal”


Whatever superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather says makes news, even though the all-time great who so polarises opinion (a genuine love or hate figure if ever there was one) is practically retired. Or is he? According to the man himself, who spoke with Forbes (picked up by ESPN.com), yes, there is indeed a chance he could fight again.

But in the ring or in the Octagon? As fans know, rumours continue to swirl, saying Mayweather (who will turn 41 this month) is seriously considering taking a return match with Conor McGregor – in an MMA fight. In truth, almost everyone has real trouble believing Mayweather, who was so accused of being a “safety-first” fighter during his glorious days in the ring, would ever take the ultimate risk and agree to face McGregor in his zone, his arena. But still the rumours persist (added to by the recent photo Mayweather uploaded, of himself wearing MMA fight garb, inside an Octagon).

And now the 50-0 boxing master has tongues wagging, and speculation rising, due to the short interview he gave with Forbes:

“Will you guys ever see me in a boxing ring again? I don’t know,” Floyd said, tantalisingly. “There’ve been talks about another multi-billion dollar deal. We’ll just see.”

Whether this “multi-billion dollar deal” discussion was in regards to another boxing match, an MMA fight, or another hybrid/crossover fight, we are not privy to. But there is at least a chance Mayweather will fight again – whether that’s exciting news to you or not, is of course up to yourself.

But it would undeniably be huge news if Floyd did actually box again, against anyone – X10 if he came back against an elite level operator. That much we must all concede.

Would these be big:

Mayweather-Pacquiao II? Check
Mayweather-Canelo II? Check
Mayweather-GGG? CHECK!

In fact, Mayweather against any big or recognisable name would send ripples throughout the sport. But will it happen? Hasn’t Floyd banked enough money already? Then again, how hard must it be for anyone, Mayweather included, to say no to “multi-billion dollar” offers!

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