May 24, 2020

List of Asia Awardees for WBC 3RD Women Convention and Asian Summit 2018

The WBC asia will be holding a women’s summit this coming November 6 to 9 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila.

Prominent promoters in the WBC boxing organization will be recognized for their hard work and contribution to boxing history along with the most recent Asian boxing champions carrying their respective divisions.

This event is hosted by Games and Amusement Board thru the leadership of chairman Baham Khalil Mitra

Here is the list of the awardees for the third WBC Asia Women’s Convention.

1. Mr. Brico Santig (Philippines)
WBC ABCO Pacific Region Promoter of 2017-2018
2. Mr. Gabriel “Bebot” Elorde (Philippines)
WBC ABCO Far East Promoter of 2017-2018
3. Mr.Jim Claude Manangquil (Philippines)
WBC ABCO Archipelagic Zone Promoter of 2017-2018
4. Mr. Arnold Nico Rojas (Philippines)
WBC ABCO Honorary Promoter of 2017-2018
5. Mr. Liu Gang (China)
WBC ABCO East Asia Promoter of 2017-2018
6. Mr. Vikram Swapragasam (Malaysia)
WBC ABCO Indo-Pacific Promoter of 2017-2018
7. Mr. Jai Singh Shekhawat (India)
WBC ABCO South Asia Promoter of 2017-2018
8. Mr. Arvind Lalwani (Singapore)
WBC ABCO Honorary Promoter of 2017-2018
9. Mr. Scott Patrick O’Farrell
WBC ABCO Oriental Promoter of 2017-2018
10. Mr. Pio B Castillo Jr(Philippines) Omega Boxing Promotion
WBC ASIA Honorary Promoter of 2017-2018

1. Ardin Diale (Philippines)
WBC Asia Continental Flyweight Champion
2. Carl Jammes Martin (Philippines)
WBC Asia Continental Bantamweight Champion
3. Al Toyogon (Philippines)
WBC Asia Silver Super Featherweight Champion
4. Mike Plania (Philippines)
WBC Asia Silver Super Bantamweight Champion
5. Joe Noynay (Philippines)
WBC Asia Silver Super Featherweight Champion
6. Carlo Caesar Penalosa (Philippines)
WBC Asia Silver Flyweight Champion
7. Dave Apolinario (Philippines)
WBC Asia Youth Flyweight Champion
8. Norj Guro (Philippines)
WBC Asia Female Atomweight Champion
9. Cris Alfante (Philippines)
WBC Asia Continental Flyweight Champion
10. Vikas Singh (India)
WBC Asia Silver Cruiserweight Champion
11. Christian Araneta(Philippines)
WBC Asia Silver Light Flyweight Champion
12. Art Monis special recognized Match Maker

The Women’s Summit will be held from November 16 to 19 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Philippines