December 2, 2020

Tale of the WBC Cocktail

Tale of the WBC Cocktail

Tale of the WBC Cocktail

WBC Press

The good and the great of the worldwide WBC Family combined for a grandstand cocktail complimented by song, keen wit, a quiz in which the winners gained… Not The News Lenhardt momentos, an exacting strenuous workout, definitely not recommended for the over the fifties and great good cheer, culminating in the now-famous WBC Virtual hug!

The cocktail hour united WBC friends from every corner of the World in three sessions to take account of the diverse time zones. The English version of the “Cheer me up,” kicked it off. And to start it with there was a minute of prayer, meditation, and reflection complemented by the stirring, sterling yet haunting   Scots tune of Amazing Grace. A wonderful and poignant rendition of the bagpipes. Then a series of fight films, showing the fabulous power skills of stars including: Chon Zepeda, Alexander Povotkin, Katie Tayor, JC Martinez, Gallo Estrada and Shawn Porter.  Shawn, who was online following all of this, nattily attired,  is asking the WBC to smartly introduce  a Best dressed category.

The newest member of the WBC Ellen Field then blew the cobwebs away by asking everyone, including the old buffers, to complete if not compete in an eye-watering set of exercises and stretches. Ellen who doesn`t let paralysis define or defy her, is just nineteen and showed enthusiasm plus a great level of fitness, noticeably lacking in some of the old-timers.   Jill Diamond complemented her youthful enthusiasm and energy, observing she owns a pair of shoes which are older than the Brilliant Brit!

Then the irreverent Robert Lenhardt  “Dreaded” non-news quiz, which accurately predicted the winner of the US Presidential Election… non-other than Justin Trudeau?!  Robert has generously waived copyright, to allow us to bring you this top headline news.

John H Stracey beautifully sang the Engelbert Humperdinck version of Cuando…live,  and a lot of foot-tapping to Simon Block`s composition of Never Give Up, Never Give in, which is raising money to establish a home for ex boxers with the help of David Harris. Just download it on YouTube, to help raise the money.

Then the grand finale, with a wonderful memory of the Kiev Convention, when Vitali Klitschko sang: Let it be, accompanied by a great band, including a drummer who rivals Ringo Star!