May 25, 2020

Vietnam Sports Administration, MOCST (VSA) approves International Boxing Event “Victory 8”

Vietnam Boxing

Vietnam Boxing

By Vietnam Sports Administration

Vietnam Sports Administration, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (VSA) has agreed to a landmark proposal from VSP, an active supporter of Vietnam’s Sports Industry, to stage the country’s biggest ever International Boxing match in the city of Hanoi.

VSP has been working actively with relevant authorities in Hanoi to create the plan and establish the organization board as regulated.

The Hanoi event is to be promoted by VSP Boxing gym (created by VSP to focus on development of Vietnam’s Boxing) as Victory 8, a brand that has already conducted two highly successful shows in HCMC in November 2018 and March 2019.

The Victory 8 format showcases the best and most promising boxers in Vietnam, who in turn compete with outstanding professional boxers from invited countries.

It is proposed that the sports spectacular take place outdoors in the Hoan Kiem Lake area, and is expected to draw a crowd in excess of 20,000 people.

The Victory 8 Hanoi Boxing Match is proposed for October 19. The outdoor show will provide an opportunity for the people of Vietnam, as well as visiting tourists, to witness star local and visiting sportsmen for the very first time.

The Victory 8 events have not only proven an immense inspiration to the participating athletes, but offer a valuable cultural exchange between local and visiting team members. It is expected that the October 19 Hanoi event will attract a lot of interest to Vietnam sports and leisure tourism.

The location of the Hanoi Victory 8 event will be in the very famous and popular Hoan Kiem Lake area. The license decree is for the event to be held outdoors, and it is envisaged that this International tournament will garnish attention from around the world.

Government officials have indicated a likely crowd of more than 20,000 people. VSP Boxing were quoted at today’s media conference as saying that October 19 will shock the world as to how good Vietnamese boxers really are.

VSP CEO Mr. KP Singh stated:

“This announcement today is not only a major boost for Boxing in this country, but is a much needed motivation for the young people to embrace this wonderful sport. We can’t thank the Vietnam Sports Administration enough for their continued support.

“VSP Boxing is only quite new to sports promotion, but this is already our third event, and it no doubt will be our biggest yet. Our last show was watched by over 4 million people in Vietnam, and it had an overseas streaming audience of 40,000 views.

“We have a firm commitment to put on 50/50 fights that the fans will love, and it is proving to be a great formula.”