Baby Juarez headlines on Telemundo tonight


Boxeo Telemundo Ford continues its summer series tonight with an all Mexico City showdown between former world title challenger/WBO #5 WBC #7 Saul “Baby” Juarez (25-9-2, 13 KOs) and former world champion Ganigan “El Maravilla” Lopez (35-9, 19 KOs). The bout is scheduled for ten rounds at Mexico City’s famed Blackberry Auditorium.

Photo: Pablo Lozano Reyes

Juarez came up short in his world title fight this past in December in Japan. He did show that he was a deserving challenger and now looks for another opportunity but to win the title next time around.

What do you think you learned most from your world title fight?

What I can say is that I learned what it takes to be a world champion and I want to get another opportunity.

What have you seen having reviewing fights of Lopez?

He is a very talented boxer and brings the credentials of being a former world champion. He is a difficult southpaw to fight but I have prepared well for him.

He has the height advantage on you. Is your fight on the inside?

I’m going to see how he comes out to start the fight but there is no doubt that I’ll have to pressure him.

What advantages do you have to take away from him?

I have known him for quite a while and have seen him fight many times. He is elusive with good defense but he will also stop and trade with you. I am ready for whatever style he brings during the fight.

Does your known ability to take a punch allow you to take more chances in this fight?

I do have a good chin but I cannot be overconfident because of this. I must proceed with caution as well when I am on the offensive.

Do you feel you’re the puncher in this matchup?

I cannot really say who is but we will see tonight.

Is it important for you to not only win but to win in style?

I think so because winning impressively could position me to again fight for a world title fight.

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“Baby” Juarez Vs. “Maravilla” Lopez airs tonight 11:35EST/10:35 CT Check local listings on Telemundo in the U.S and on Wasssport.TV in Mexico and all of Latin America.

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