September 22, 2020

WBA: The comeback of boxing II

Game changing viable alternative for the future of Boxing

The president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, issued a second letter that delves into the plan presented last June called “The Return of Boxing”, which seeks to rescue the discipline of pugilism and return it to the highest sport in the world.

The World Boxing Association (WBA), pioneer of governing organizations in boxing, considers athletes and fans as fundamental pillars and reiterates its intention published in June of 2018. These intentions called for “The comeback of Boxing” because we firmly believe in the unity of all stakeholders in the sport. Boxing shall be only one sport; the WBA already is a pro/am international body.

The mentioned press statement, based on seven pillars, has been already supported by several National Federations whom have expressed their support and need to carry out a plan that strengthens and benefits boxing. In this way, we have fulfilled the first point of our letter, as our values of universality, diversity, respect and commitment have been underlined.

Therefore, we continue the purpose on the well-being of the athletes. We think about their health, education and retirement. It is necessary to provide tools that help them inside a governing body, and open our doors at their disposal to support in whatever is necessary while protecting and uniting boxing as one of our main goals.

Also, the digital platforms for more transparency will be available for the fans, so they can be engaged and aware of the work towards the benefit of boxing. In addition, step by step, we move forward in order to enhance the experience through applications that will allow them to interact with the WBA directly.

Without a doubt, the boxing world wants a sustainable solution; changes in the way of governing this sport to increase its credibility, competitiveness, preparation, and interaction of all those who belong to it.

That is why athletes, trainers, officials, doctors, and all those who are part of the WBA reiterate our commitment to improve boxing.

In order to succeed we need to continue to strengthen forces and narrow links with new national Federations. The state of the world is constantly in flux and in order to adapt we must not resist to changes, we need to set new paradigms. We continue respectfully request your national federation to join this alternative to elevate boxing to its highest level.

The World Boxing Association, the first and oldest organization, officially requests the International Olympic Committee, as the supreme authority, and to its President Thomas Bach, to accept this alternative and our worldwide entity to be officially recognized considering the expertise, fairness, and knowledge ready to promote the systematical development of boxing while strengthening the Olympic Values.