The 1st Female Fight League (FFL)

Female Fight League

Press Release: Female Fight League (FFL) is the first of its kind all female Muay Thai promotion, sanctioned by World Muay Thai Organization (WMO). The first event is to be held at Bone club in Pattaya on the 20th January 2019.

The aim of Female Fight League is to focus on the promotion of muaythai via talented female athletes, by providing opportunities, experience and placing more value on to professional female fighters.

Not only that, but FFL will be a fun and exciting event, introducing the art of MuayThai to our valued audience.

Female Fight League on the 20th January 2019 will be held in the remembrance of late WMO 51kg Champion, Miss. Hongkaw Mor. Ratjaphatmoobanchombueng as she was confirmed to fight on our first event. Therefore, we will hold just 5 fights instead of the usual 6 with a special tribute to Miss. Hongkaw.

The WMO is a World renown professional Muaythai organization. With a credible history in promoting male and female fights.

WMO has hosted two successful all female muaythai events within the past year, with reputable feedback, as well as holding 1-2 female fights on their monthly shows at MBK Fight Night in Bangkok.

The Female Fight League founder Jade Marrisa Sirisompan knows to well about the struggles of female fighters, much less opportunities in fighting, lower appreciation, respect and much more. Therefore, Jade created the Female Fight League.

An exciting action packed all female fighting event, strategically set inside a venue that will allow a DJ, dancing, drinks and an overall fun experience for everyone involved. There will also be Chicken wings for sale at the event with special surprise from Hooters girls.

The Female Fight League will promote culture, strength, beauty, class, excitement and sportsmanship through Muay Thai and Kickboxing. We hope to provide an exciting and eye opening experience for our guests as well as educating them on the art of Muay Thai and hopefully gaining their support in our overall goal, to promote and stand up for female empowerment and gender equality through Muay Thai. Creating a “sisterhood” through sport.

The weigh in will be located at Hooters restaurant located on Pattaya beach road starting at 13:30pm on the 19th January 2019.

Tickets are available at the door starting from 800baht for GA, 2000-3000 for a table with a bottle and 10,000-15000 for a VIP Sofa with champagne or two bottles.

The event will be streamed via their facebook page at Female Fight League. This event will not be possible without this Sponsors: Bone club, Hooters restaurant, Wings, Shuhua fitness equipment

Official Fight Card
52kg NongNeaSor. Sanram (Thai) VS Yayoi Team Thai-Yo (Japanese)
55kg HuongthongLiengprasert (Thai VS Katya Phuket Top Team (Russia)
55kg NaoprajanLuksaikongdin (Thai) VS KC Pinay Fight Phuket Top Team (USA)
46kg AydaaLuksaikongdin (Thai) VS Little Tiger Team Thai-Yo (Japanese)
55kg BuakaewSutaiMuay Thai (Thai) VS Souris Lookyamo (French)

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