Lumpinee Boxing Stadium of Japan & Muay Thai Tournament Open 43 Result

by Gerald Bassig

An extravagant, action-packed muay thai tournament unfolded last November 25,2018 as the Lumpinee Boxing of Japan and Muay thai Open took place at the Lumpinee Stadium, Shinjuku Face Stadium, Tokyo Japan.

a total of 14 thrilling professional bouts took place and the audience held on to their seats while enjoying each match. All the fighters gave it their best and nevertheless, heart pumping fights where showcased by the talented fighters.

Sanctioned by the the Thai embassy of Tokyo, and was promoted by Mr. Saenchai Thongkraisaen


  1. Puiyu Lim of China Won against Glamor of Malaysia via KO at round 2 and win the The new Lumpinee boxing stadium of Japan super middleweight title champion
  2. Issei Saenchai Gym Win against Kojima Yuki by points to claim the Lumpinee boxing stadium of Japan Bantamweight title
  3. J • TSK Win by points against Shimizu Takeru for the Open Super Welterweight Muay Thai title match
  4. Watanabe Yuta Win by points against Kyuhei Goldlife gym for the Open super bantamweight Muay Thai title match

Supporting Result:

  1. Takayuki Komamura of Japan won via TKO on round 2 against Pongsaklek Singsaendej of Thailand at 120 lbs division
  2. Rungrawee OZ gym of Thailand and Kiire Next Level gym of Japan ended it a draw at 147 lbs division
  3. Sato Hitoshi won via points against Kato Yosuke at 115 lbs division
  4. Miyabi Shunsuke won via points against Kasahara Next Level gym
  5. Narusawa Ryu won via TKO on round 3 against Tateshima Atsushi at 126 lbs division
  6. Murai Yusei won via points against Kabe Rikuto at 115 lbs division
  7. Shirahata Yusei won via points against Tateshima Idomu at 112 lbs division
  8. Yamada Ryuta and Yamaguchi ended it a draw at 126 lbs division
  9. Mirei Hide won via points against Sae KMG at 105 lbs division
  10. Pipo Rino won via points against Tanaka Shigusa at 105 lbs division

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