August 15, 2020

Weili Zhang destroys Andrade in UFC Shenzhen


Chinese warrior lady Weili Zhang became the fifth 115-pound UFC champion, knocking out Jessica Andrade in the first round of their UFC Shenzhen clash Saturday in Shenzhen, China.

In the first round, a powerful exchange ensued with Zhang rocking Andrade, connecting her with a crushing right hand that left Andrade in bad shape. From then on, the Chinese warrior lady mercilessly followed up attack with elbows and knees to the body.

The attacked intensified even further with Weili unleashing a large volume of devastating blows to become the new UFC strawweight champion.

After her stoppage UFC win, Weili Zhang said:

“I said that I would be the first Chinese to be a champion and I fulfilled that promise. I am very excited and happy.”

Meanwhile the brave Jessica Andrade shared:

“I had the same happiness as her when I defeated Namajunas. I want to train more and give me a chance to fight Weili again.”