September 21, 2020

The WBA Commends José Oliver Gómez

By Carlos Costa

The World Boxing Association (WBA), its president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza and the Association’s Board of Directors commended Panamanian José Oliver Gómez at a meaningful event held over the weekend in Miami, Florida, USA.

The recognition highlights the contributions of Gomez to the WBA and the sport of boxing.

Educated at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, Jose Oliver Gomez returned to his homeland, Panama, and in 1998 he joined the World Boxing Association where worked under the guidance of legendary WBA leaders Dr. Elias Cordoba, Rodrigo Colon Sanchez and Dr. Gilberto Mendoza Sr.

For years Gomez served the WBA in different capacities, including WBA Ratings Committee Chairman, Presidential Advisor as well as supervisor for WBA world title fights.

In addition to boxing, Gomez has been a successful restaurateur and businessman in Panama; and has been member of the Panama Boxing Commission.

Jose Oliver Gomez is currently WBA Advisor and member of the WBA Board of Directors.

Congratulations José Oliver Gómez.


The author Carlos Costa is a veteran Panama boxing writer. Carlos can be reached at and by whatsapp +639184538152.